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Students' Comments

"Without Natalie's support and help getting into university, I wouldn't be where I am today - currently a student at the University of Birmingham."

Cara, first year student, University of Birmingham

"Hi Natalie. Thank you so much for all your help with my personal statement. So far I have offers from my first two uni choices (Nottingham and Birmingham), so am very happy."
Serena, Year 13 student

"I found the lessons with Natalie extremely helpful. It allowed me to prepare thoroughly for my interviews both by increasing my confidence and highlighting to me the areas of my subject that I found interesting."
Georgina, first year student, University of Cambridge

"Natalie tutored me in psychology and helped me with my university process and it’s safe to say I couldn't have done it without her!"
David, first year student, University of Nottingham

"Natalie Lancer's university advice was spot on. Before having contacted her, I was lost. Nobody had given me any satisfying advice, and I ended up being inundated with little bits and pieces of information that I didn't know what to do with. I was beginning to doubt my academic capabilities. After having followed Natalie's brilliant advice, I got accepted into top universities and will be studying a subject that fascinates me."
Christophe, prospective media student, gap year

"The help I got from you was invaluable - your ideas were of a very high standard. You made constructive suggestions such as how to shorten long paragraphs without spoiling the sense and how to include information that an admissions tutor would have in mind. Your proof reading was very detailed. Thanks so much."

Alex, second year student, UCL

“Natalie taught me Psychology AS Level in 3 months and got me an A. I got 88% in both AS Psychology units and have so much confidence in Natalie that I started studying Sociology A level with her too. She is focused and passionate and knows the specification well - so time is spent efficiently to get the best grades. Natalie is helpful and motivating”.
Tanya, A-level student

“Natalie, thank you so much for your career advice - your knowledge of the various training providers and employment opportunities beyond was invaluable and you tailored your advice so precisely to my own particular situation. It really helped to focus my thinking and to make the right decision”.
Hannah, prospective teacher

Parents' Comments

"Natalie's understanding of the university application process was hugely beneficial to us. Her guidance on university course choices was invaluable and her input and support with my daughter's personal statement made a massive difference. I would recommend Natalie to anyone going through this process."
Mrs W, parent of first year student, University of Nottingham

"As a parent, I found the whole university application process very daunting, as did my son. My uni application offered a really good service. The advice and help my son was given on applying and finding the right course and right university, as well as the actual application and personal statement was excellent."
Mrs S, parent of Law student

"It was so difficult to get started with the personal statement but Natalie helped to focus us into thinking what was important and where my son’s strengths lay. She worked through the information with him, forming it into a clear articulate informative piece of writing, that could be easily adapted and added to with any new work experience or reading etc. My son had offers from every university he applied to!"
Mrs P, parent of Architecture student, University of Cambridge

"Thank you for your help. The session was invaluable and we are really pleased to have sorted out our son’s application and options."
Mrs D, parent of student on a gap year making a post-A-level application

"I have found Natalie to be both knowledgeable and practical. My daughter has had behavioural issues and Natalie has been compassionate and given me clear and valuable tools to help her."
Mrs C, parent of teenager

“Natalie has tutored both my children in Psychology and I cannot thank her enough for her support both academically and emotionally through the stressful period of A levels and university choice and application.  Her patience and vast knowledge in the subjects she teaches allows her students to gain confidence and achieve results they never could have envisaged before her input.  She is able to encourage her students to approach their studies with maturity and help them understand what is required to answer A level questions in a way to achieve optimum results.
Her support with my son’s university application enabled him to choose a suitable course and university at a time when the process necessary for UCAS seemed daunting and unachievable to him. She was able to help him write his personal statement, including all the information necessary, which resulted in him receiving offers at all his university choices.
I would recommend Natalie to any parent wanting their child to achieve their full potential, not only in terms of obtaining offers from the best universities, and getting the highest A-level grades, but also in terms of building their child’s self-confidence and self-belief”.

Leanne Mattey, Parent of A-level student and University of Nottingham student 

“Natalie has supported my children throughout their education as mentor, tutor and university guidance counsellor.  She gave professional, objective advice, tailored to the needs of our children, making sure they were on track in every way. My eldest daughter did not know what to study at university, and Natalie showed her how to go about making a choice, evaluating the different options. Natalie is also an inspiring teacher, and has helped my children make excellent progress academically, enabling them to realise their ambitions”.
Melissa Vandermolen, Parent of A-level student and University of Nottingham student 

“Natalie helped my son find a university course. With her knowledge and experience, the process was made easier. My son obtained his first choice, and she was on hand to help us on results day , if he had a problem. Natalie worked with my son to gather information so that the personal statement was tailored to the right course. We were very pleased and lucky to be recommended to her”.
Mrs S, Parent of University of Leeds student